Our Story


In 2016, after two years of living and working in the Portland area, the question came to me "why isn't there a UBER of car wash?"  Portland had a completely different car culture than what I was used to growing up in 'road salt' Minnesota, so I tried to answer the question at hand. In doing so, I found the beginnings of a passion: to deliver car wash and car cleaning services to the Portland area.  Using a Prius and a vacuum plus with the help of a multitude of gracious people, mobiGleam became a legit business.

One of the most enjoyable parts of launching this business has been the face to face interactions with customers and hearing their stories and feeding off their excitement on the potential of mobiGleam.  Through these often revealing interaction, some key business goals have appeared that will guide my focus as I try to grow the business.  My customers want:


A convenient and accessible car cleaning service.

A clean car without the confusion of auto detailing terms and menus

A sustainable and eco-aware process


At mobiGleam, the goal is to provide customer-centric car wash service, focusing on mobile "we come to you" maintenance packages, while also utilizing technology to deliver the best user experience.  I will continue to ask the questions, "How do I provide a clean vehicle for every customer?", "How can my service become more convenient and easy to use?", and "How can the products, process, and business operations be altered to limit the impact on the environment."

The answers are many and most often lead to other questions.  My hope would be to continue to strive together to find the best solutions, ultimately building a car wash service that changes the way people clean their cars.


Philip Bernstein

Founder of mobiGleam

Each wash with mobiGleam saves you time but you also conserve 38 gals of water compared to the brick and mortar cash wash.


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