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Can you clean and detail my vehicle in the rain?

Short answer is yes.  In Portland, rain is very common and mainly it is manageable with a canopy our units are equipped with.  The canopy needs some room to setup so there will need to be at least 5 ft clearance around the serviced vehicle plus close access to the service unit.  If wind is above 20 mph while raining there is a possibility of reschedule.  Please contact us if you think the weather will be an issue at time of service.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. A 10% fee is assessed if the service is cancelled within 24 hours of the original wash date/time. To avoid this fee, you will need to reschedule the service which can be done easily from your confirmation email by clicking the “reschedule” button or email: contact@mobigleam.com

Does mobiGleam accept credit card as payment?

Yes. We actually prefer debit or credit card payments because of the convenience. We accept visa, mastercard, american express, discover.

Do I need to remove valuables from the vehicle?

We recommend you remove all personal items from the vehicle if possible. The technician will bag loose items at their discretion, however mobiGleam is not responsible for any loss or damage to non-factory installed accessories, valuables, cash, change, etc. is the customer’s’ responsibility.

How do I know my service is completed?

The technician will text you when the service is complete along with an image of the washed vehicle. Communicate with the technician how they can return your keys and the service is complete. A wash service can last up to 2.5 hours in duration but most are finished in 1.5 hours or less.

What product brands are used in the virtually waterless wash process?

mobiGleam uses a variety of plant based, biodegradable polymers and surfactant products which are now very common to the car wash industry. These products lift dirt and grime off the surface of the paint plus add a layer of protection as the polymer bonds to the clear coat. MSDS sheets are available upon request.

When will mobiGleam’s service area cover my location?

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Do I need to give the wash technician keys to my vehicle?

Yes. Our wash technician will contact you by text/phone call when he or she is en route to your location. The key hand off can be arranged at the time of the scheduled wash. Some business parks and corporate locations will have drop box for keys, and the tech can confirm these locations for the customer at the scheduled wash time.

How do I know if my employer will allow mobiGleam service at our facility/campus?

mobiGleam employs a virtually water-less car wash process, leaving no “water” footprint or impact to building asphalt and/or property. We would be glad to speak to your property manager so they can understand how safe the process is.

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