GLEAM SP is chemically formulated to remove hard water spots —FAST! It can also break down organic contaminates that have embedded into the clear coat including tree sap, pitch, and tar.

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Let's be honest, if you're reading this you want as shiny an exterior as possible, without the complicated "brick and mortar" detail service. Can you do this on your own? Of course you can! GLEAM SP is a potent, multifaceted, solution formulated to attack the most common and difficult to remove contaminates. I know this to be true because I'm the owner of a mobile detailing company and I use GLEAM SP daily in my detailing packages. The chemistry has been fine-tuned over the span of two years and 1000+ services.

What I discovered from my customer's feedback was...

  • Products available on Amazon or at Auto Zone are cheap and highly ineffective even if they specifically say "water spot removal" or "Decontaminate" Have you tried Turtle Wax or Meguiars? Not Great!
  • The Brick and Mortar detail shop is inconvenient and expensive or the process they use seems like "overkill". Many times, the price doesn't match the results!

Years of feedback from our customers helped perfect the solution so it can be available to the public. Never before has there been a product offered to car owners that can address these contaminants in one solution!! And, it’s safe on paint, glass, plastic, and aluminum.

The process is fairly simple...

  1. Buy GLEAM SP
  2. Wash your vehicle
  3. Apply GLEAM SP according to the directions
  4. Apply your favorite wax/sealant for protection

See! If you follow these easy steps (and take note of the RINSE, RINSE, RINSE part of the directions) you will have the exterior shine that “that guy with the Porsche had”. Imagine your surprise when you find this incredible product that delivers on its promises and provides a super convenient cost-effective alternative to the frustrating norm.

If you want a better shine, take care of the underlying contamination with a potent, multipurpose solution….GET GLEAM SP!!!

**DO NOT use in direct sunlight especially on glass. Surface should be cool to the touch.**

  1. Wash the vehicle to remove surface dirt. We recommend washing with a basic soap that does not contain waxes or conditioners.
  2. Dry the entire body of the vehicle
  3. Using GLEAM SP, apply a 1"-2" area on a microfiber towel and begin to rub on the affected area. As you rub, water spots, sap, and other contaminants will start to dissolve and disappear. Repeat and move around the body of the vehicle until affected areas are clear.
  4. Rinse the treated surface with water hose or a fully saturated wash mitt/sponge to fully remove any GLEAM SP that remains on the surface. Make sure to thoroughly rinse any plastics and seals to prevent color fade. RINSE liberally as you move around the body of the vehicle. Don’t let GLEAM SP sit for more than 10 minutes without being rinsed
  5. If any GLEAM SP still remains after using a hose or wash mitt, then simply hand wash with soap and water to remove excess residue. You will typically be able to visually easily see if there is an excess on the surface. It will almost look "streaky". Simply wash to remove if any GLEAM SP still remains.
  • May be harmful if swallowed. May cause skin burns and eye damage. Make sure to wear protective equipment where needed. We recommend gloves.
  • GLEAM SP is Flammable. Use carefully and store in a non-hazardous area
  • If on the skin, wash with plenty of soap and water.
  • Avoid inhalation, use adequate ventilation.

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