High Quality Mobile Auto Detailing and Car Wash in Beaverton, OR

At Mobigleam, we strive to provide you with the highest quality for all your car cleaning and detailing needs. We recognize that you have a busy life and you don’t always have time to stop and search for an auto detailer in the city, which is why we come to you. We are the premier company for mobile car detailing service in Beaverton. We let you choose which level of cleanliness and detail you want for you with our multiple packages. This ensures the process is done to your exact liking. For a simple clean, you can have the interior of your car spotless with our Gleam Interior Package; we’ll wipe down all vinyl and plastic surfaces, plus the interior windows, and vacuum out the main cabin of your car. For great value on a comprehensive car detailing, you can opt for our Gleam III package, which will include the cleaning of the interior, picking five upgrades of your choosing, and the cleaning of the exterior, which focuses on the entire car from roof to wheels. You have so many great options to choose from and they’re done on-demand, virtually waterless, and eco-friendly.


We’re a Mobile, On-Demand Car Wash Service


As a mobile car wash in Beaverton, we offer our services at any location. A wash unit will arrive to your selected spot with all the equipment. There is no electricity or water hook-up needed. You don’t even have to be present when the washing occurs. Just shoot our wash unit a text about how to hand off your keys and we’ll take care of it from there. Most of our cleanings take 1.5 hours but some can go for 2.5. When we’re finished, we’ll text you with a picture of your spotless car and work out how to return your keys.

 What You'll Get With a mobiGleam Car Wash

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Basically Waterless


In the process we use to clean your car, we use only 3 gallons of water and a variety of plant-based, biodegradable polymers and surfactant products to remove the dirt from your car. These products will not only remove filth but also provide protection to your car by adding a layer of polymer that bonds to the clear coat. It’s a simple process. Your car won’t have to be scrubbed and rinsed in self-service or go through a tunnel-wash ever again.


Environmentally Friendly


The plant-based polymers that we use are 100% biodegradable, low VOC, and completely non-toxic. Our process leaves absolutely no environmental footprint. It’s an ideal solution for people with dirty cars that want to be environmentally conscious, as well as parking ramps and office campuses that are devoted to sustainability.

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Our mobile car detailing service in Beaverton aims to make your life easier by taking the whole process out of your hands. We guarantee to have your car spick and span in no time with our virtually waterless and environmentally safe process. We provide our service throughout all areas of Beaverton, Oregon. So, don’t take time out of your busy schedule; book an appointment with us today and we’ll come to you!

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