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Do you need to get your car interior cleaned or your exterior washed, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? Contact the auto detailers at MobiGleam and book an appointment today to get your car in tip-top shape. Make sure to use our informational chart for the vehicle size – found on our website – when you are booking your appointment.


MobiGleam is the best auto detailing service in Lake Oswego. We will come to wherever you are in the Lake Oswego, Portland or Beaverton area. Our washes can last up to 2.5 hours, although we challenge to finish most in 1.5 hours. At the end of your wash, you will receive a text from your wash technician that the cleaning is done with an attached picture of the car.

 What You'll Get With a MobiGleam Car Wash

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MobiGleam Car Wash in Lake Oswego can wash a range of small to large vehicles. Further, we offer a variety of services ranging from exterior washes to cleaning doorjambs and wheel dressings. We have multiple wash packages and upgrades you can choose from, all allowing you to pick the best details for you.


At MobiGleam, our basic exterior washes include the roof, wheels, and a hand wash and dry with a microfiber cloth. While our basic interior clean includes vacuuming your floors, seats, doors and pockets on the doors. It also includes the cleaning of interior windows and surfaces. Lastly, the basic interior cleaning includes applying UV protection to your vinyl’s, plastics and on the dash and console, as well as spot cleaning.


We offer a variety of packages to select from:


Gleam I: Our first great package that we offer is the Gleam I, which gives you a basic exterior and interior cleaning service.


Gleam II: This package includes a basic exterior and interior clean. Additionally, it also includes using a claybar on all the body panels, the cleaning of your headlights and plastics, hydrophobic wax on the exterior, and the vacuuming of your trunk.


Gleam III: With the Gleam III, you will receive all the amenities of the Gleam II, but it will also include a choice of five upgrade options.

Our Upgrades


At MobiGleam, if our package cleaning services are not meeting your needs then you can check out some of our many great upgrades that you can purchase. We will strive to meet the Car Wash needs of Lake Oswego.


There is a selection of eight upgrades you can select from:

  • Wheels Dressed
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Shampoo Seats
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Trunk Detail
  • Carpet Floor Mats
  • Tar and Sap Removal
  • Doorjambs

Aiming to appease every customer, our upgrade options allow every customer to tailor their Gleam III package.


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