What Size Water Tank is Used for Mobile Car Wash and Car Detailing?

Your traditional car wash detailing operation will use a tank within a range between 50 and 100 gallons. Is this the water tank size that you have to use?




Why then, do most of the car washes that you go through still use a volume of this size? The answer lies in tradition and in technology.

You may notice that the large public car washes in your area have not really made any changes in years. , The way that your gas station car wash looked a decade ago is the same way that it looks today. On top of that, gas station car washes in different locations look the exact same. This is part of the problem – certain manufacturers of traditional car wash products to not want these operations to know there are more efficient solutions available on the market. They want to keep selling what they have always sold – parts and systems that tend to waste water, break down frequently and require replacement parts often.

What Size Water Tank Should Be Used for Mobile Detailing?

If you are engaged in mobile car detailing, you really only need around 5 gallons of water for each application. To use our company as an example, each mobile car detailing application that we take on only uses 3 gallons of water per wash. For all intents and purposes, this is basically a waterless wash.


Not only are you saving water when you do business with a company like ours, but you are also saving money as well. The less water that a process uses, the more savings you generate. Any company that is detailing your car for you will naturally pass the savings along to the customer.


The question remains, however: Does using less water result in a clean vehicle? The answer is simple – yes. Most of the water in a traditional car wash is unpressurized and misdirected. The reason that we can use 3 gallons of water more efficiently than your traditional car wash can use 100 gallons is that every drop of our water has a purpose. Think of the traditional car wash in the same way as you might think of air conditioning your house with the front door open: You definitely lose efficiency if you do this. Our business is the equivalent of closing the door and upgrading the airflow as well.


Why Should I Go With a Virtually Waterless Mobile Carwash?

You no longer need to use inordinate amounts of water in order to get your car looking brand-new. Save money, the environment and wear-and-tear to your vehicle. That's right – more water on your vehicle wears down the paint job and tends to dull its highlights! There are simply no downsides to upgrading the technology that you allow to touch your vehicle.

If you are looking for an established, vetted mobile car wash company, look no further than MobiGleam. Our cutting-edge methods will ensure that your car looks and feels it's best while retaining its natural luster and using less water than you ever thought possible for a mobile car detailing. Book an appointment online today for an initial consultation!

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Each wash with mobiGleam saves you time but you also conserve 38 gals of water compared to the brick and mortar cash wash.


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